About Me

My Core

From inspiration to realization. From thinking of a feature, through every
step of it’s development, through the deployment, the infrastructure, the
monitoring, the performance tweaking, the support of users, the back and
forth with product, with marketing. I just love every aspect of it. I am a
software craftsman and a maker, I just love making things.

I do Ruby, Go, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Client Side, Server Side, anything that gets the job done in the best way possible.

Open Source

I am a true believer of open source, I open source everything I can. I believe
open source is the biggest driver of innovation in our space.

You can check out my projects on Github.

More about me

I live in West San Jose, CA

West San Jost

Father of 3 beautiful kids

I love being outdoors. I run, I bike, I swim, I hike and more

I usually do anywhere around 600mi a month on a bike, 100mi a month running,
and about 6mi of swim.

you can check out more on Strava (Feel free to follow me)

On the bottom right corner of the blog you can find my github, twitter and linkedin.