Multiple API update using Golang - Live Stream Feb 16 2017

Today’s project

Streaming time: Feb 16 2017 9pm Pacific

The problem

Ever since I started streaming to 3 platforms, I faced the problem of updating
the channel title, description and other information.

You have to open the browser, go into each page and update the data, even
though it is essentially the same.

Example screenshots


Youtube channel settings


pic alt


pic alt

The solution

I want to have a single place where I update the title and the description

Let’s say I want to do something like ./stream new, this will create a yaml
file where I will update all of the information. One I update the information,
I do ./stream submit {filename.yml} and that’s it.

The technlology / language

As with any project that is a cli, I choose to go with Golang. I feel it is the
easiest and most friendly for this type of project.

As always, please feel free to ask questions and add your comments during the

I encourage you to ask questions during the stream, I like the interaction and
I love ansering questions.